Restoring plasterboards to their original condition in minimum cost & hassle.

We, at Leo Ceilings, provide efficient plasterboard repair in Perth. We restore the plasterboard on the walls and ceiling to their original condition in minimum cost & hassle. So when you catch damage on the plasterboard in its initial stages, it is advised to call for repairs as a delay would lead to an unnecessary spike in the repairing costs. We promise you to work our best on them to make them look new again. After all, the work that went into the construction of the building should not go waste because of a shabby looking plasterboard.

Our years of experience combined with our extensive knowledge have made us a pioneer in providing plasterboard repairs in Perth. We have the right knowledge about the types and material of plasterboards, and apply this to provide you with exceptional plasterboard installation and repair service. Our work speaks of our knowledge of the trade.

Plasterboard Ceiling and Wall Repair Perth

We provide convenient plasterboard wall repair in Perth and also repair plasterboard ceiling in Perth. Our team of experts are adept at handling all types of plaster repairs, be it cracks, holes, water damage, sagging ceilings, bulging walls, damaged cornices or any other type of damaged plaster or gyprock.

When it comes to plasterboard ceiling repair in Perth, you should choose a contractor who is experienced, skilled and knowledgeable. Because not everyone who does a decent job is good enough for the work. One needs to have the right skills and experience to understand the condition of the plasterboards, the damage it has sustained, and the repair work that needs to be done in order to restore it to its original form.

Plasterboard Installation Perth

We also provide professional and cost-effective plasterboard installation in Perth. We have undertaken numerous plasterboarding projects in the past and have earned a good name among our clients for our exceptional work. This is because we pay close attention to detail and leave no room for mistakes. We use just the right material and equipment, and exhibit extreme professionalism while doing the job. We ensure nothing is left unfinished, and we clean up the mess and leave your place as clean as it was before..

So, next time you want plasterboard repair in Perth, do not worry about having to shell out a lot, because our budget friendly plasterboarding service is going to take care of everything. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote from us.

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