Providing efficient and cost-effective ceiling re-strapping services in Perth.

When your ceilings have developed cracks and are sagging, it’s probably because the straps holding the ceiling to the roof support have snapped or become brittle. This is dangerous as the ceiling may come cracking down, and cause destruction or harm to people present there. This damage is not covered in insurance and you may end up bearing a lot of expense for your negligence.

It’s best to give us a call as soon as you notice a sagging ceiling. We are your top choice for a ceiling re-strapping in Perth. We provide you with a solution that is inexpensive and durable. We lift, restrap and restore a damaged ceiling in the most professional and cost-effective way.

Best Contractor for Ceilings Re-strapping Perth

Instead of suggesting a ceiling replacement, which is expensive, we go for ceiling re-strapping. We push the ceiling back to their original position and fix it with screws to hold it firmly in its position. We then remove roof tiles to gain access to the roof space. All plaster debris and dust is removed from the roof space to make it clean. Fibreglass straps are then secured to the joints to re-secure the ceiling. We fill all cracks and re-plaster cracked or damaged areas to a smooth finish. We leave your ceiling looking as good as new which is good to last for another 10 years or more.

When it comes to choosing a contractor for ceiling re-strapping in Perth, make sure you choose a contractor who strives to provide you with the best of services, with restored ceilings that are strong and sturdy. Because this is what we do. All material used by us is of top quality, because we do compromise on the quality of our work.

Effective & Affordable Ceilings Re-strapping

When you hire us for re-strapping, you can be assured of top quality work and skilled workmanship. Our ceiling re-strapping in Perth doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, and gives you relief from your misery. We have some of the best ceiling fixers with us, who can restore your ceilings like nothing had even happened to them. All members in our team are well adept at re-strapping. You can be assured that the ceiling is in safe hands.

Please reach out to us for any query that you may have.

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