Providing clients with high quality repairs that stand the test of time.

Do you have a damaged ceiling? Or does your ceiling need some fixing? We can help you!

Whether it is a normal wear & tear or you are unhappy with some other contractor’s work, we can restore the ceiling to something stunning and outstanding. When you hire us for repair, you can be assured of top quality work and skilled workmanship. Our ceiling repairs in Perth don’t burn a hole in your pocket, and give you relief from your misery. We have some of the best ceiling fixers in Perth with us, who can restore your ceilings like nothing had even happened to them.

Sagging & Gyprock Ceiling Repair Perth

Sagging ceilings should never be ignored. Not only do they pose a risk to your safety, in case they break, it will cost way more than what it would have cost you to get it repaired. This is why as soon as you notice a sagging ceiling, you should give us a call.

Now, how can one tell if the ceiling is sagging? If you notice cracks in the ceilings or cornice, if the screw holes are showing, if the joining lines are visible, if there is a visible gap between the ceiling and the roof or if there is a cracking noise, it’s time to call for a sagging ceiling repair in Perth.

Now if you have gyprock ceilings installed in your property, we can repair them too. We re-screw the Gyprock sheets back into the rafters, plaster all screw holes, and tape and flush large cracks, if there are any. Or we install fibreglass straps on the back of the ceiling board over the timber rafters by entering the roof space. The latter method is covered by a warranty.

Whether it’s a sagging ceiling or gyprock ceiling repair in Perth, we can assure you that we are the best!

Best Commercial & Residential Ceiling Company Perth

We have been servicing commercial & residential clients for many years now. When it comes to choosing from the residential & commercial ceiling companies in Perth, make sure you choose a contractor who commits to the project, takes ownership and agrees to be transparent throughout the process. Because this is what we do. All material used by us is of top quality, as we do not like to compromise on the quality of our work.

Offering High Quality Ceiling Repairs in Perth Northern Suburbs

At Leo Ceilings, we have resolved to provide our clients with high quality ceiling repairs in Perth Northern Suburbs, that stand the test of time. Whether it’s a small repair or a major problem, our team is proficient at handling the repairs efficiently. Our clients are treated with flawless service throughout.

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